The Indian School of Microfinance for Women (ISMW), provides financial literacy to poor women. Through knowledge giving and collaboration with other relevant organizations, it strives to act as a catalyst in the quest for empowerment. The school is supported by the Citi Foundation and promoted by the SEWA bank.

In the symbol, the dot containing form is the ‘Diya’. Diya is the light that educates, and also the vessel that contains and secures. The form encapsulating the Diya depicts the coming together and spread of an initiative to uphold the rights of the poor.

The red dot is a ‘Bindi’, the symbol of Shakti (feminine principle and energy, according to the Indian tradition). The Bindi is worn between the eyebrows – the seat of wisdom. Therefore, in the symbol, Bindi also represents education.

The form is dynamic, representing a catalyst. Though inspired from an Indian context, it caters to a wide audience, both indigenous and international.

Shipra Gupta