The Great Arc


‘The Festival of the Great Arc’, celebrated the survey of the Indian Sub-Continent 200 years ago, led by Col. Lambton and George Everest. It was part of a major initiative to promote and create awareness about the benefits of geospatial technology in India, by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Intergraph and Rolta.

The festival featured a traveling exhibition, and my role in the project was to research and design the ‘Prelude’ to the exhibition. The Prelude covered ancient Indian contributions in the realm of science and mathematics. I was also responsible for sourcing the artifacts presented in the display.

Bhopal Signage


Commissioned by Bhopal Tourism, the project created a wayfinding system that was focused on tourism, for the city of Bhopal in India.

Direction signs were refined to specifications, while kiosks, maps, pictograms etc. were worked out as concepts.

The project did not proceed past the concept stage since it was cancelled by Bhopal’s post-election government.

Shipra Gupta